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Industries VIMAPO  S.A.


             The company was founded in 1961, and since its creation it has specialized primarily in the development and manufacture of precision machinery.

             For the last 20 years our principal activity has been in the brewing industry, specializing in the barrelled-drinks sector, although our services have also been appreciated by clients in other industries.


             Thanks to our team of professionals, without whom it would have been impossible to successfully carry out our work, and the tenacity of our founder, D. Vicente Martínez Portero, we continue to make client satisfaction our principal aim with each new project. 

             Throughout our organization’s development we have emphasized the need for flexibility in dealing with varying market conditions and the individual demands of big and small clients alike and treating to solve all the problems, including when it is not possible to apply a fixed mathematical model.

             The success of our products is due to many factors. However, we would like to emphasize reliability as the main factor in all our products, and in this respect we aim to be leader, though not forgetting to work on further improving other features with a view to obtaining the best results.

             We are able to offer our clients perfectly-assembled quality products due to excellent quality control based on Norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000, detailed preparation of projects, exhaustive testing of prototypes, and the introduction of the latest technology.




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